WeOur background in telecom and software development means we can provide you with objective insight on successful marketing. know what it’s like to work in a technology startup. We have. 
We’ve also worked at private organizations as well as multi-national public companies that operate globally. It’s not uncommon for today’s technology companies – especially growth stage and smaller companies – to pour their money into R&D and have little focus on marketing. That’s where we come in.

Ugroup Marketing delivers marketing services to the technology sector, with a specific focus on the telecom and software industries. Our service offering includes strategy development, internet marketing, content creation, graphic design and PR/analyst relations. From startups, to growth-stage and public companies, Ugroup Marketing can provide a range of services that will take your company to the next level or into a new market. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Ugroup Marketing serves customers large and small around the world.  

Ugroup Marketing can deliver a range of services to:

  •        Assist a telecom or software company starting up
  •        Help a company enter a new geographical market
  •        Augment an internal marketing team’s capabilities on a project basis
  •        Provide niche expertise for established companies selling into the
           telecom/software sectors

Our Services

If you have great software products or a telecom business but can’t seem to generate the interest that you deserve within your market, installed customer base, employees, investors or potential employees...we can help.