Ugroup Marketing will be the voice for your telecom or software enterprise.

Let our years of experience in the satellite (VSAT, C-band, Inmarsat, Iridium and other mobile satellite services), wireless/core network and software sectors work to your advantage. Ugroup Marketing offers the following range of services:


With over 10 years experience in global organizations working in product management and marketing, Ugroup Marketing can deliver a range of strategic consulting services. Some examples of strategic work:

  •         Develop your marketing plan
  •         Corporate/product branding
  •         Build market models and share assessments
  •         Competitive analysis
  •         Distribution channel recommendations/qualification
  •         Marketing communications (communications audits and planning)
  •         Communications planning (internal and external)
  •         Guerrilla marketing recommendations

Internet marketing

While we’ve been involved in marketing/PR for long enough to know the way things used to be done, we are ‘rabid’ advocates of this form of marketing. If only for a single reason: it is measurable. 

Marketing budgets today are justifiably scrutinized to determine if they are delivering value for money. 1000 column inches of media impressions derived from a single press release, over 25 new pieces of marketing collateral....these metrics, while interesting, don’t mean much outside of the marketing and corporate communications teams. Properly executed web strategies deliver quantified, nurtured leads that can be followed up by your sales team. That’s the end goal (certainly for most private, for-profit enterprises), but many activities need to be managed to get you there, including:

  •         Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •         Website strategy and development
  •         Pay-per-click management
  •         Email marketing
  •         Social media opportunities (blogs, communities, viral marketing)

Writing/content creation

Technology fads emerge, evolve and sometimes disappear, but one thing remains constant: good content trumps the widget that is used to deliver it to the audience. What happens when the content resonates? Your prospect –- or customer –- believes in your brand, you gain thought leadership amongst your competitors and ultimately leads are generated, or nurtured, through the pipeline into well-qualified and intentioned prospects that your sales team can close.  Ugroup Marketing prides itself on its ability to deliver content for:

  •         Websites
  •         Marketing collateral (brochures, presentations, & customer case studies)
  •         Press releases, media kits, features
  •         Advertising copy
  •         Direct mail
  •         Newsletters
  •         Internal communications

Graphic design

Although one of the easiest elements to implement, startup companies often “go cheap” on their initial identity. They don’t need to. Graphic design services can be performed cost-effectively and provide a real boost to your corporate credibility. The nice thing: your customers won’t think you work out of a converted garage anymore (even if you still are). Ugroup Marketing can help with:

  •         Corporate identity
  •         Collateral development
  •         Advertising creative
  •         Multimedia creation

Event management

Tradeshows have been a traditional element in the marketing plans of wireless and software companies for many years. They are used to create brand awareness, launch new products or services, build credibility within a target market and generate leads. Given shrinking travel budgets -- and the fact that less purchasers are traveling to tradeshows these days -- let us help you target the right shows for your enterprise. We'll  develop a comprehensive show strategy and related communications plan that enables you to maximize your investment. Our return on investment case can be based upon lead generation, meetings with development and distribution partners, prospect nurturing and revenue directly tied to the event attendance. Of course, tradeshows are just one type of event. Let Ugroup Marketing help with the following:

  •         Industry tradeshows and seminars
  •         User groups
  •         Analyst tours and roadshows
  •         Product and company launches

Public/analyst relations

Let Ugroup Marketing leverage its journalist and analyst relationships to the advantage of your telecom enterprise.

With a long history in telecommunications, Ugroup Marketing can provide special insight to target your messages to the appropriate editors, journalists, analysts and freelancers.  From strategy development to tactical implementation, Ugroup Marketing delivers a host of services for telecom trade media and local business editors in the national capital region of Canada, including:

  •         PR plan development
  •         Media kit creation
  •         Award submisssions
  •         Media relations
  •         Media  training